E.Y.E. Marine Consultants was founded in 1967 and over the years has established a reputation for innovative, successful designs for a wide range of vessels. E.Y.E. Marine Consultants has an extensive design portfolio for vessels of all types and operations. There are many E.Y.E. designs that have been built and are in operation today.

E.Y.E. is at the leading edge of technology when it comes to vessel design and consulting. Using the latest computer programs E.Y.E. can produce 3-D hull models and structural layouts with precise accuracy so ship and boat builders reduce man-hours as well as wasted material. Using the modeling program Rhinoceros, E.Y.E. can give ship and boat owners a preview of their future vessels even before commencement of construction. The models produced from this program can be helpful to both the owner and builder in making decisions before any work is started.

With the experience and innovative technology of our team, E.Y.E. can handle any project that ship, boat builders and owners may require. E.Y.E. is also the distributor for The Rhinoceros Modeling Program.

Point Halifax
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